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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all CDPS rulemaking hearings will be virtual meetings held on the Zoom platform until further notice. You can participate by phone or computer. Advance registration is required. Use the links below to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the meeting.

We Want Your Input on Public Safety Rulemaking

The process of reviewing and changing rules and regulations is a public one. Please see the information below for upcoming decisions and discussions and how to comment. Your comments will be taken into consideration during the rulemaking process, and you are always welcome to attend any meetings associated with the rulemaking process.

CDPS is committed to the full inclusion of all individuals. As part of this commitment, CDPS will ensure reasonable accommodations are provided to enable all people to engage fully in our trainings, meetings and events. To request accommodations, please contact at least two weeks before the meeting date for which you need an accommodation. Please make sure also to let us know if you need any of the materials in an alternative format. 

For more information or to ask questions, please contact Rules Administrator Bobbie Mooney ( You can also submit your feedback on your experience as a participant in a recent virtual rulemaking hearing through this Virtual Hearing Feedback Survey

As always, all Colorado Department of Public Safety rules currently in effect are available on the Secretary of State’s Website.

2022 Regulatory Agenda

The following are anticipated hearings to review and update rules and regulations for consistency with Colorado statutes, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and/or national criteria. View the detailed regulatory agenda here.

December 2021

  • 8 CCR 1507-56 

January/February 2022

  • 8 CCR 1507-1 
  • 8 CCR 1507-22 
  • 8 CCR 1507-25
  • 8 CCR 1507-28

March 2022

  • 8 CCR 1507-52 

April 2022

  • 8 CCR 1507-44 


Upcoming Hearings & Proposed Rulemaking

Rulemaking Hearings (click to expand)

 There are no hearings scheduled for November 2021.

About CDPS Rulemaking and Stakeholder Engagement

Virtually all state government agencies issue rules or regulations of some kind. Most rules and regulations exist at the direction of the state legislature in order to regulate certain business and personal activities. Rules and regulations exist because it's easier to update them, eliminate them, or alter them administratively than it is to pass new legislation as conditions change.

CDPS Protocol: How We Engage Stakeholders

Find out how the processes CDPS uses to engage stakeholder and how you can get involved by visiting our Stakeholder Engagement Protocol Page.