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Stakeholder Engagement and Accessibility

The process of adopting, reviewing, and changing rules and regulations is a public one. We encourage your participation in our rulemaking process. Please see the information below for upcoming rulemaking hearings and how to submit comments.  You are always welcome to attend any hearings associated with the rulemaking process, and your comments and questions will be taken into consideration during the rulemaking process. 

We are committed to providing equitable access to our services, including the rulemaking process. Our ongoing accessibility efforts strive to align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) versions 2.2, level AA criteria and to comply with the accommodation requests under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For more information, any questions you have, including accommodation requests or assistance in accessing our rulemaking documents and participating in our rulemaking hearings, please contact the Department Rules Administrator Christine Moreno via email christine.moreno@state.co.us or by phone 719-343-0995. 

All Colorado Department of Public Safety rules currently in effect are available on the Secretary of State’s Website.

CDPS Regulatory Reports

2024 Regulatory Agenda and 2023 Regulatory Agenda Report

The following rules are included in the CDPS rule review and rulemaking schedule for calendar year 2024.  

January 2024

  • 8 CCR 1507-1
  • 8 CCR 1507-20
  • 8 CCR 1507-28
  • 8 CCR 1507-37
  • 8 CCR 1507-42
  • 8 CCR 1507-46
  • 8 CCR 1507-50

April 2024

  • 8 CCR 1507-40

June 2024

  • 8 CCR 1507-11
  • 8 CCR 1507-30

Hearings & Proposed Rulemaking

Proposed and completed rulemaking for the calendar year are listed below. Stakeholder notices include drafts of the the proposed new or amended rules along with invitations and information for stakeholder and public comments. Upcoming rulemaking hearing announcements include the draft of the proposed rules, information on the meeting time, date and virtual platform/link (hearings are held virtually unless otherwise noted), and invitation to submit comments before the hearing. Completed rulemaking hearings include the adopted rules, hearing exhibits, and hearing information. Rulemaking hearings are held to review and to update rules and regulations to remain consist with Colorado statutes, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and/or national criteria.

CDPS is committed to the full inclusion of all individuals. As part of this commitment, CDPS will ensure reasonable accommodations are provided to enable all people to engage fully in our trainings, meetings and events. To request accommodations, please contact Rules Administrator, Christine Moreno at christine.moreno@state.co.us or by phone 719-343-0995, at least 2 weeks prior to the hearing/meeting. Please contact Rules Administrator, Christine Moreno at christine.moreno@state.co.us or by phone 719-343-0995, if you need any of the materials translated into a language other than English or provided in an alternative format for accessibility.

Stakeholder Notices

Upcoming Public Hearings 

  • 8 CCR 1507-50 Colorado Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA) - May 2, 2024 - 09:00 am MDT 

    • The Colorado State Patrol will hold a hybrid virtual and in-person public rulemaking hearing to amend the CATPA rules to expand the scope of the CATPA grant program, to incorporate changes affecting the funding and application process for the grant program, to clarify funding initiatives and eligibility guidelines and criteria for grant awards, to clarify final funding approval, to update references, and to update general grammar and formatting.

    • Draft of redlined proposed rules in PDF format or Docx format.

Completed Hearings & Rulemaking

Get Involved, Stay Informed!


To receive CDPS regulatory notices, submit comments on CDPS Rules, and to request further information on CDPS Rules and rulemaking, please contact Rules Administrator Christine Moreno.

To receive email notification for Notices of Rulemaking, including Proposed Rules, Adopted Permanent or Emergency Rules, and the associated Attorney General Opinions published by the Secretary of State in the Colorado Register, sign up using this form

For further information on how to request a cost-benefit analysis on a proposed rule, visit the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) webpage on Rulemaking and Cost-Benefit Analysis

About CDPS Rulemaking and Stakeholder Engagement


Virtually all state government agencies issue rules or regulations of some kind. Most rules and regulations exist at the direction of the state legislature in order to regulate certain business and personal activities. Rules and regulations exist because it's easier to update them, eliminate them, or alter them administratively than it is to pass new legislation as conditions change.

CDPS Protocol: How We Engage Stakeholders

Find out how the processes CDPS uses to engage stakeholder and how you can get involved by visiting our Stakeholder Engagement Protocol Page.