1122 Federal Procurement Program for State and Local Agencies



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Save Thousands of Dollars Purchasing New Vehicles & Goods

General Program Overview

State and local government agencies can take advantage of federal price agreements to procure vehicles and other goods through the General Services Administration (GSA) or Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This could mean savings of 6% to 54% over retail prices. For example, in 2017, local governments in Colorado saved more than $180,000 purchasing new vehicles through the 1122 Program.

Who Can Participate?

State and local government agencies engaged in counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities may purchase items through the 1122 Program.

How to Purchase a Vehicle

  • Search for a vehicle at GSA AutoChoice.
  • Request an item using the Special Order Form. Just complete it and fax it to 303-239-5775 or email to cdps_1033_1122@state.co.us.
  • Send us a purchase order from your agency to secure the funding.
  • Let us know when you receive the vehicle and we will send you an invoice.

How to Purchase Other Goods

  • Purchase directly from GSA Advantage
  • If your agency is interested in purchasing off of federal price agreements, contact the Colorado 1122 Staff at 303-239-5776 or cdps_1033_1122@state.co.usfor more information. Search the 1122 Program Catalog for items that are available via the Federal procurement system.
    • After you find the item, schedule, and special item number (SIN) you want in the catalog, search in the GSA eLibrary to locate the vendors and their contract prices for each item.
    • You then work directly with the vendor. You can request 1122 Program pricing from the vendor. The 1122 Program contract prices represent a price ceiling. If you can negotiate a lower price or different terms, you are welcome to do so.

Other Programs for State and Local Governments

    Program History

    Section 1122 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1994 authorizes state and local agencies to purchase equipment and supplies through federal sources of supply. Agencies can take advantage of the unequaled volume buying power of the Federal Government at the lowest prices on the market. Although originally limited to support counter-drug activities, Section 885 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009 broadens the scope to include homeland security and emergency response activities.

    10 U.S.C. 281 contains the current legal authorization for the program.