1122 Federal Procurement Program for State and Local Agencies



Save Thousands of Dollars Purchasing New Vehicles & Goods


General Program Overview

State and local government agencies can take advantage of federal price agreements to procure vehicles and other goods through the General Services Administration (GSA) or Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This could mean savings of 6% to 54% over retail prices. For example, in 2017, local governments in Colorado saved more than $180,000 purchasing new vehicles through the 1122 Program.

Program Overview from the General Services Administration (GSA)

Who Can Participate?

State and local government agencies engaged in counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities may purchase items through the 1122 Program.

How to Purchase a Vehicle

  • Search for a vehicle at GSA AutoChoice.
  • Request an item using the Special Order Form. Just complete it and fax it to 303-239-5775 or email to cdps_1033_1122@state.co.us.
  • Send us a purchase order from your agency to secure the funding.
  • Let us know when you receive the vehicle and we will send you an invoice.

How to Purchase Other Goods