1033 LESO Excess Property Program

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Colorado Program:

720-607-1605 | cdps_1033_1122@state.co.us

Federal LESO:

Dept. of Defense Disposition Services Locations

Law Enforcement Support Office Dept. of Defense 

Media Inquiries:

Please contact DLA Disposition Services (Public Affairs): (269) 961-7015 or DLADISPO@DLA.MIL.

For inquiries specific to Colorado, please start with the federal public affairs office. If you have additional questions, contact CDPS PIO patricia.billinger@state.co.us, (720) 692-7570.

Password Help:

Call 844-347-2457, Press 5, then say or enter "DLA," then press 2 for the service desk. If asked, your DSN is  50-0032.

Program management websites:


1. Federal Excess Property Management Information System (FEPMIS)

This website is the online property book for all agencies enrolled in the 1033 Program. Users administer their property here.


FEPMIS website

2. Account Management & Provisioning System (AMPS)

This website provides access to the Reutilization, Transfer, Donate (RTD) website and enables users to change their passwords and unlock their accounts.

AMPS website

3. DLA External Business Portal (RTD)

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) External Business Portal Reutilization, Transfer, Donation (RTD) website allows registered users to view and requisition excess DoD property.


Requirements for future & current Colorado program participants


Submit your application or annual update

  • All agencies must submit application paperwork annually and whenever your chief law enforcement official changes.
  • Your agency must also submit a State Plan of Operation.
  • All letters and agreements must be signed by the current chief law enforcement official. (Sheriff, Police Chief, Chief Marshal, Director, etc.)
  • NOTE: All agencies will required to update their State Plan of Operation (SOP) by Jan. 1, 2023, and include the signed 2022-2023 SOP addendum below.

    The Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) within the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), facilitates the 1033 Program, which originated from the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997.This law allows transfer of excess DoD property that might otherwise be destroyed to law enforcement agencies across the United States and its territories. Each participating state's governor is required to appoint a State Coordinator to ensure the program is used correctly by the participating law enforcement agencies. The State Coordinators are expected to maintain property accountability records and to investigate any alleged misuse of property, and in certain cases, to report violations to DLA.

    In Colorado, the agency appointed by the Governor to coordinate Colorado's participation in the 1033 Program is the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Compliance & Professional Standards Office. The Colorado 1033 Program enables Colorado law enforcement agencies to participate in this program and acquire DoD excess equipment to support law enforcement activities under the Federal Guidelines 10.U.S.C. 2576a.

    To view which Colorado agencies are participating and what equipment they have received, scroll to the bottom of the DLA eReading Room to access a list of 1033 Program property issued to each state. Look for the box with the title "LESO 1033 Program."