Trusted Interoperability Platform Advisory Committee

The Trusted Interoperability Platform Advisory Committee, established in Senate Bill 2020-037/C.R.S. 24-33.5-524, will develop a strategic plan to implement a secure exchange of information between the criminal and juvenile justice systems and community health agencies to improve the health and stability of individuals in the justice system, decrease recidivism and evaluate system needs and programs.

Committee Meetings

Next Meeting:

The Oct. 13 meeting of the Committee has been canceled. No additional meetings of this Committee are currently scheduled.

2021 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, May 12 - Canceled 

Wednesday, June 9  - Canceled

Wednesday, July 14, 9:30-11 am

Wednesday, August 11, 9:30-11 am

Wednesday, September 8 - Canceled.

Wednesday, October 13 - Canceled.

Committee Members

The membership of the committee is described by statute. Members may appoint a delegate to serve in their stead. 

  • Department of Public Safety: Stan Hilkey, Chair
  • CO Behavioral Healthcare Council: Doyle Forrestal, Vice-Chair
  • Department of Human Services: Michelle Barnes/Perry May
  • Department of Corrections: Scott McKimmy
  • Office of Information Technology: Tony Neal-Graves/Amy Bhikha
  • DHS Division of Youth Services: Anders Jacobson/Natalie Chrastil
  • State Court Administrator: Chad Cornelius
  • CICJIS--CJ Information System: Chris Wallner
  • CORHIO: Morgan Honea
  • CO Comm. Managed Care Network: Jason Greer
  • County Sheriffs of Colorado: Lake County Sheriff Amy Reyes


  • Governor’s Office of eHealth Information: Carrie Paykoc
  • QHN: Jason McRoy
  • DOLA Housing Division: Kristen Toombs
  • DORA Division of Professions and Occupations: Ronne Hines