Join Us As We Celebrate Women's History Month with a CDPS Women Leaders Panel Discussion

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March is Women's History Month. The Colorado Department of Public Safety is proud of the many women leaders who run our organization.

We invite you to meet some of our women leaders, hear about their career journeys, and learn from their stories and advice during a special lunchtime panel discussion:

CDPS Women Leaders Panel Discussion
Noon-1 pm
Friday, March 19


  • CDPS Deputy Executive Director Jana Locke
  • CBI Chief of Staff Susan Medina
  • CBI Deputy Director Jan Girten
  • DCJ Deputy Director Debbie Oldenettel
  • DFPC Chief of Staff Melissa Lineberger
  • DFPC Wildland Fire Battalion Chief Brenda Wasielewski
  • DHSEM Chief of Staff Sheila Scanlon
  • State Patrol Chief of Staff Sarah Allen
  • State Patrol Major Afsoon Ansari
  • State Patrol Port of Entry Director Kirstie Nixon

Use this link to watch via live-stream:

Read the panelist bios