Colorado School Safety Resource Center Offers Tips to Parents on How to Support Children During Global Unrest

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(Lakewood, Colo.) – As the world experiences the trauma of warfare during the invasion of Ukraine, many parents are wondering how to address the conflict in a way that is healthiest for their children. The Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC) has posted a letter to parents outlining top advice during these uncertain times:

It’s important to be developmentally appropriate – you wouldn’t explain things to a five-year old in the same way you would with a high school student.

For younger children:

  • If they do hear what is happening, be reassuring. The conflict is on the other side of the world and although it may lead to higher gas prices and other small sacrifices for us here in Colorado, hopefully there will be no other dangers to us. 
  • Keep young children away from upsetting pictures and stories on television. 
  • Be mindful of not discussing upsetting world events within earshot of younger children.

For older children:

  • If they are interested, help guide them to accurate information.
  • Share your understanding of the conflict but, more importantly, listen to their perspective and allow them to share their feelings about it all. 
  • Be the trusting adult to whom they turn; we do that by empathetic listening and helping them build their critical thinking skills and information savvy.

For families with members in the military:

  • The conflict may become more personal and frightening for children. 
  • Help them feel they can share their thoughts and feelings with you.
  • Help them with the facts; So far, no American military personnel are being sent into Ukraine. Children may not be aware of that and hopefully this information will be reassuring.

Keep the lines of communication open with children while shielding them from stories, videos and photos that can be traumatizing.
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