2022 Rule Changes to 8CCR 1507 Commercial Vehicles & Hazmat rules

On Feb. 2, 2022, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) held a virtual rulemaking hearing regarding proposed changes to four sets of rules related to the operation of commercial vehicles and/or the transportation of hazardous or nuclear materials.

The CSP amended the following rules related to the transportation and routing of hazardous or nuclear materials, reimbursement claims for hazardous materials incidents, minimum operating standards applicable to the operation of commercial motor vehicles, or the application of appropriate size, weight and registration requirements.  Each of these rules was presented as part of the same hearing.

8 CCR 1507-1: Rules and Regulations Concerning Minimum Standards for the Operation of Commercial Vehicles ("Motor Carrier Safety Rules)

The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the Motor Carrier Safety Rules:

  • Adopt updated editions of the FMCSRs and CVSA Inspection and Out-of-Service Criteria;
  • Update references to websites and to other applicable sections of the Colorado State Patrol;
  • Clarify requirements related to appeals of civil penalties; and
  • Update references for all incorporated or adopted guidelines, publications and standards, and applicable state statutes.

8 CCR 1507-22:  Rules and Regulations Concerning Claims for Reimbursement for the Costs of Response and Mitigation of Hazardous Substance Incidents  (HM Reimbursement Rules)  

The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the HM Reimbursement Rules:

  • Update website information for referenced state and federal resources;
  • Update formatting of these rules throughout, introducing section and subparagraph titling and other elements consistent with general rule formatting recommendations and guidance set forth by the Colorado Secretary of State
  • Update and refine existing rule definitions;
  • Update information related to document and copy requests; and
  • Introduce a severability clause into the rules.

8 CCR 1507-25: Rules and Regulations Concerning the Permitting, Routing & Transportation of Hazardous and Nuclear Materials and the Intrastate Transportation of Agricultural Products in the State of Colorado  (HM Routing Rules)

The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the HM Routing Rules:

  • Update existing definitions and references applicable to these rules;
  • Adopt updated editions of the FMCSRs and CVSA Inspector and Out-of-Service Criteria;
  • Refine and reorganize existing rule provisions applicable to declarations of temporary hazardous materials routing determinations by the CSP;
  • Update information relevant to document and copy requests;
  • Update references to state and federal references throughout the rules, including website and statutory information as necessary;
  • Update provisions applicable to the scheduling of nuclear materials transports consistent with and accurately reflecting current, existing patrol practices; and<
  • Address minor grammar and formatting items.

8 CCR 1507-28:  Port of Entry Rules for Commercial Motor Carrier Size, Weight and Clearance (POE Size and Weight Rules)

The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the POE Size and Weight Rules:

  • Ensure compliance and consistency with applicable state laws, state rules, and federal regulations;
  • Update information relating to information requests;
  • Correct and update website and physical address information existing within the rules;
  • Update/correct existing references to federal documents and resources relied upon to support review of Special Revocable Permits; and<
  • Address minor grammar and document formatting issues.

Virtual Public Hearing

  • The hearing was held at 1 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022.

Public Comments

Comments may also be submitted via email to CSP Rulemaking Coordinator Angelina Page (angelina.page@state.co.us and to the following Branch/Section OICs: