2021 Rules Changes to MOST Program - 8 CCR 1507-56

Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) Program (8 CCR 1507-56) - Dec. 15, 2021

The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) held a virtual rulemaking hearing on Dec. 15, 2021, regarding proposed changes to the Rules and Regulations Concerning the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) Program, 8 CCR 1507-56. The CSP amended the MOST Rules following both program and administrative rule reviews and in response to statutory changes arising out of the 2020 General Legislative Session having an impact upon the MOST Program. The CSP proposed amendments to 8 CCR 1507-56, the MOST Program Rules:

  • Clarifying CO MOST Program Instructor and CO MOST Program Vendor Requirements;
  • Introducing CO MOST Instructor standards specific to the operation of the MOST Program within Colorado;
  • Updating existing definitions and introducing new definitions, standardizing references throughout these rules, addressing results of statutory changes and clarifying the scope and use of CO MOST Program terms and verbiage;
  • Updating information related to CO MOST Program Instructor applications, eligibility, and maintenance;
  • Clarifying procedure applicable to the review of CO MOST Course applications and approvals;
  • and Confirming that all MOST Vendors and Instructors participating in the CO MOST Program and providing or delivering any MOST Courses within Colorado must comply with all applicable terms, conditions, standards, and requirements established by these rules, the CO MOST PNP, applicable CO MOST Program approved Courses, and applicable state statutes.

Hearing Exhibits:

Download the meeting exhibits (PDF).*

*Please note that the exhibits posted here do not include the names and contact information of stakeholders we communicated with regarding this hearing and the opportunity to comment. Complete evidence of our stakeholder outreach efforts will be included in the permanent record of this rulemaking, and may be viewed at our offices upon request.