1033 LESO - On site property services

How to physically screen for property at Fort Carson Disposition Services Site

Through the Disposition Services Sites (DSS), such as Ft. Carson-Colorado Springs, the 1033 Program provides your law enforcement agency an opportunity to locate the equipment your agency needs to assist the law enforcement officer on the street in the execution of his or her primary duties. The following are procedures for physically screening equipment at the DSS:

Only two persons from each agency will be allowed to physically screen for property at any one time. However, up to four persons may be authorized as screeners for your agency. These authorized individuals are identified on each agency’s annual Application for Participation. The Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) will provide an authorization letter specifying authorized screeners to the DSS. The DSS will require this authorization before they allow you access to their facility.

You will be required to contact the reutilization specialist at the DSS you plan to visit and make an appointment. Your agency needs to contact the DSS to arrange pickup, shipping or delivery of equipment. It is the responsibility of your agency to advise the State Coordinator of any discrepancies (quantities, cancellations, etc.) and the State Coordinator will notify LESO. All DSS items screened are requested via the Internet. The DSS staff is available should you require assistance.

DSS Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 8 am – 2 pm or by appointment.
Ft. Carson DSS, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Michael Ensley (719) 466-7002
  • Bruce Galbreath (719) 526-9682
  • Tom Haegele (719) 526-4473
  • David Sams (719) 526-2782
  • (719) 526-3656 fax

Colorado 1033 Program – State Coordinators
700 Kipling St., Denver, CO 80215

  • Jan Janik (303) 239-5776

Law Enforcement Support Office – Defense Logistics Agency
74 N Washington Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49037

How to request property when you are on-site at Fort Carson (Walk-in)

You must start by shopping on the LESO web site.

Once you have gone to your shopping cart to check out it will give you the option to click the Walk-In Requisition box.

  • Only click the Walk-In Requisition box if you are at the field site right then. If you are not at the field site your requisition will be denied.
  • You will need to bring either a laptop or portable device to complete a walk-in at the field site since there may not be one for you to use. Or you can call someone at your agency to complete the walk-in while you are at the site.
  • If you are going to do a Walk-In, please let your State Coordinator know. This way they can approve it right away.
  • It can take four hours for a Walk-In to kick out a 1348 after it has been approved, so please try to do a Walk-In as early in the day as possible.