Statement from Colorado Department of Public Safety on Incident in Memphis

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(Jan. 27, 2023) Law enforcement leaders within the Colorado Department of Public Safety released this statement today:

"It is difficult and physically sickening to see individuals who are entrusted with protecting the public engage in such heinous acts. As you process the horrifying behavior of five uniformed officers in Memphis, please know that the members of the Colorado Department of Public Safety share your shock, disbelief, disgust, and yes, anger. Those of us who are members of law enforcement commit our careers to  protecting and serving our community and every individual within. For most of us, this is not just a job: it’s the embodiment of our values and the core of our lives — indeed, our members put their own lives on the line to serve others. We work constantly to build and maintain trust with those we serve and protect. Incidents like this endanger our communities both directly, due to their violence, and indirectly, because they erode public trust in public safety institutions and harm the morale of the ethical, caring majority of public safety professionals. 

We are deeply saddened for the family, friends and loved ones of Tyre Nichols. We hope that there will be swift and thorough justice in the resolution of this case." 

Stan Hilkey, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety
Matt Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol
John Camper, CBI Director
Chris Schaefer, Incoming CBI Director