Rulemaking Hearing: 8 CCR 1507-101Building and Fire Code Adoption and Certification of Inspectors for Fire & Life Safety

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control will hold a virtual rulemaking hearing regarding amendments to the rules for Building and Fire Code Adoption and Certification of Inspectors for Fire & Life Safety Programs Administered by the State of Colorado (8 CCR 1507-101). The purpose of this rulemaking will be to:

  • On Sept. 28, 2022, DFPC adopted amended emergency rules in order to provide immediate relief of hardship that would have been caused by forcing compliance with the currently adopted code requiring that all antifreeze systems replace antifreeze with a “listed” antifreeze by Sept. 30, 2022. DFPC proposes to permanently adopt this amendment to the rule regarding code provisions that address the use of antifreeze solutions in fire suppression systems for the purposes of freeze protection. Installation design parameters and their associated system modifications, cost of the antifreeze product, and lack of listed antifreeze product availability have created significant hardships in complying with the provision outlined in the currently adopted edition of the code that all antifreeze systems would be required to replace the antifreeze with a “listed” antifreeze by September 30, 2022. The rule change provides relief of this hardship, while still maintaining an industry-recognized appropriate level of safety.
  • Add the requirements to certify special inspectors under the third-party building inspector certification program to support the need to document the qualifications of an individual performing such work within the programs administered by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.
  • This rule change also allows for general clean-up of grammatical and formatting inconsistencies or errors.

Download the proposed rules here (PDF) .

VIRTUAL Public Hearing:  

  • WHEN: Noon-1 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022
  • WHERE: Zoom 
    • Registration is required in order to attend. Please click here to register.
    • Once you have registered, you will receive the link and information on how to join the meeting.

Public Comments:

Comments may be given during the hearing. You can also submit comments via this online form prior to the hearing or via email to

For questions or more information on the proposed amendments, contact DFPC Fire & Life Safety Chief Chris Brunette at

Proposed Rules & Hearing Exhibits

Download the proposed rules here (PDF) .

Download the Hearing Exhibits here (PDF)*

*Please note that the exhibits posted online do not include the contact information of stakeholders we communicated with regarding this hearing and the opportunity to comment. Complete evidence of our stakeholder outreach efforts will be included in the permanent record of this rulemaking, and may be viewed at our offices upon request.