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   Criminal history/background check
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Driver's licenses, driving records, or vehicle registration: Motor vehicle records, registrations, and driver's licenses are handled by the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

Court records or information: For information about upcoming court cases, or to find records or outcomes of past court cases, you will need to contact the judicial district, county court, or municipal court where the case was heard. 

Police investigations, blotters, or arrest records: Local police departments and sheriff's offices are the lead agencies responsible for most law enforcement responses to and investigations of crimes within municipal or county boundaries. CDPS does not have oversight over or maintain records on behalf of those local law enforcement agencies, so you will need to contact the police department or sheriff's office directly to ask questions or request records. 

Prison (Department of Corrections): The Colorado Department of Corrections is a separate department from the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

Contact an offender in a Colorado prison

DOC records requests and other contact information

Community Corrections: The CDPS Office of Community Corrections sets standards for community corrections across the state, ensures compliance with those standards, and allocates state funding to local community corrections boards. We do not maintain records on individual offenders or their location. 

If you are trying to contact someone sentenced to community corrections, that individual must provide you with their contact information.

If you have questions or concerns related to a local community corrections program, please start by contacting the local community corrections board in the county where the program is located. 

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