2023 Rules Hearing on Multiple CMV-Related Rules

The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) will hold a virtual rulemaking hearing regarding proposed changes to four sets of rules related to the operation of commercial vehicles and/or the transportation of hazardous or nuclear materials on Jan. 17, 2023.

Purpose of the Hearing

The CSP seeks to amend 8 CCR 1507-1, 8 CCR 1507-22, 8 CCR 1507-25, and 8 CCR 1507-28.  Each of these rules is related to the transportation and routing of hazardous or nuclear materials, reimbursement claims for hazardous materials incidents, minimum operating standards applicable to the operation of commercial motor vehicles, or the application of appropriate size, weight and registration requirements.  As each of these rules will be presented as part of the same hearing, the amendments proposed to each set of rules is set forth in numerical order. 

  • 8 CCR 1507-1:  “Rules and Regulations Concerning Minimum Standards for the Operation of Commercial Vehicles,” also known as the “Motor Carrier Safety Rules.”  The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the Motor Carrier Safety Rules:
    • Updating references to state statutes, the CFR, and to CVSA OOS Criteria;
    • Updating website references and related document information; and to
    • Reconcile minor grammatical and formatting errors.
  • 8 CCR 1507-22:  “Rules and Regulations Concerning Claims for Reimbursement for the Costs of Response and MItigation of Hazardous Substance Incidents,” also known as the “HM Reimbursement Rules.”  The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the HM Reimbursement Rules:
    • Updated federal website and document reference information relevant to the calculation of reimbursable expenses resulting from hazardous incident response;
    • Updated formatting to resolve incongruities in section and paragraph titling and numbering; and
    • Corrections to grammar and updating of verbiage to improve the overall clarity of these rules, not affecting their existing interpretation or changing their substantive content.
  • 8 CCR 1507-25:  Rules and Regulations Concerning the Permitting, Routing & Transportation of Hazardous and Nuclear Materials and the Intrastate Transportation of Agricultural Products in the State of Colorado,” also known as the “HM Routing Rules.”  The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the HM Routing Rules:
    • Updating references to the CFR and to the CVSA OOS Criteria;
    • Clarifying information required to be included as part of Hazardous Materials Routing Petition Applications;
    • Updating information describing existing and established Hazardous Materials Routes within Colorado;
    • Clarifying the designation of temporary or alternate Hazardous Materials routing by the CSP under authority provided by statute;
    • Clarifying existing practice, policy, and rule interpretation regarding notice to be provided by Licensees prior to shipping highway route-controlled quantities of nuclear materials within Colorado;
    • Updating verbiage and correcting minor errors in grammar; and
    • Correcting minor formatting issues and updating paragraph numbering as appropriate.
  • 8 CCR 1507-28:  Port of Entry Rules for Commercial Motor Carrier Size, Weight and Clearance,” also known as the “POE Size and Weight Rules.”  The Colorado State Patrol is proposing to make changes to the POE Size and Weight Rules:
    • To update references to supporting documentation from the FMCSA regarding High-Risk Motor Carriers;
    • Reorganizing and updating formatting, and to
    • Update verbiage and grammar throughout these rules to improve their clarity and flow. 

Virtual Hearing Details

Public Comments

Comments may also be submitted via email to the CSP Rulemaking Coordinator Angelina Page (angelina.page@state.co.us) and to the following Branch/Section OICs:

Proposed Rules

Download the proposed rules:

Hearing Exhibits

*Please note that the exhibits posted online do not include the names and contact information of stakeholders we communicated with regarding this hearing and the opportunity to comment. Complete evidence of our stakeholder outreach efforts will be included in the permanent record of this rulemaking, and may be viewed at our offices upon request. Additionally, exhibits may include scanned or printed documents; please reach out to angelina.page@state.co.us to request accessibility assistance or an accommodation to enable you to access these records.